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P-00800 - Sniper Tab

P-00800 - Sniper Tab

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Sniper: the tip of the spear in force protection, the expert in field-craft, target acquisition, and of course - the best shooter you've got. Are you one of these few elite? If so, you deserve the tab that states there just isn't any better - the Sniper Tab. Ours are 100% embroidery 2-5/16" wide X 1" tall and available in Desert, Subdued, and Black/Gold.
Get on the horn and tell your buds about these. Its time to be recognized for being what you are -- the best there is.

Buy 1-5:$6.95 Each
Buy 6-10:$6.55 Each
Buy 11-20:$6.35 Each
Buy 21-40:$6.05 Each
Buy 41-100+:$5.75 Each
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